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Justin Maller

Valp Nietylko

Mike Orduņa


Mihara Yasuhiro

true love false idol 2
True Love & False Idols

fiona aboud
Fiona Aboud

Lars Amhoff


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Brandon Minga

christophe remy
Christophe Remy

Beam-T Japan
kdu suite

Aerosyn-Lex Designs 2 Limited Edition Artist Series shirts, exclusively On Sale Now at Beams-T Online and Beams Tokyo. Please find them under Kagekiha in the artists list. They Ship Worldwide. Go Cop Them!


arrow May 1st 2007

Winter Solstice

The KDU in collaboration with Proof Seven  will be releasing an editioned printed artifact entitled: Winter Solstice. The book features the work of KDU members the world over and will be debuted at The KDU Suite in Vegas.

Click here to view: Winter Solstice

arrow February 12th 2007


The Royal Magazine

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Royal is the private journal of The KDU. (Keystone Design Union).
The publication focuses on Collisions, Culture and Capitalism. 

We believe that we are more than just editors or filters.
We believe in active media, and live by the rule of “never just observe, always interact.”

We believe that the gravity of our culture is so powerful, nothing and no one are immune to its pull.
We are dedicated to injecting sensation back into a numb world. 

Trust the KDU. 

Royal on MySpace
The KDU on MySpace



The KDU (Keystone Design Union) is a Global Fraternal Creative Collective dedicated to creating and managing innovative design centric objects, brands and experiences. The network also serves to perpetuate the members syncretic agenda.



The Royal does not utilize traditional media kits. We individually work with each advertiser to custom develop packages that best fit their needs.   Contact us to see how your brand can interact with future issues. 



We pride ourselves on diverse and carefully controlled distribution. Unlike other free magazines, we do not solely rely on distributing magazines at clubs and retail boutiques.  Instead we target professional organizations, brands, agencies, other magazines, various universities and other locations filled with individuals responsible for creating and influencing change. 



Custom Publishing: 
The KDU is available to help your brand grow through the use of custom publishing.  Custom Magazines, Books and Special printed artifact help build loyalty in an increasingly digital world.  Contact us for more information.  



Please send all correspondence to

Internships:  The KDU is accepting candidates for internships in it's Brooklyn., NY Headquarters. 

Submissions: We openly accept submissions sent via email to